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Debt Elimination & Tax Free Retirement Strategies

Shawn J Milton


Don't Let the Tax Man Take All Your Money!

George B Dines, Jr.


How to Start a Business!

Joyce Hayward

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Secrets of Earning Money

Tashaya Singleton


Buy the Block: Real Estate Investing

Darryl Woods


Personal and Business Credit Hacks

Janisha Richardson


Intentional Investing: ETFs & Mutual Funds

Toni Brockman





The Love Letter: Protecting Your Assets

Meisha Green, Terri Spigler, & Teresa Mahammad

What People Say

Thank you for the Reignite Your Finances Summit! The information was invaluable, I am truly grateful to have attended. I appreciate Yvonne Brown for the invitation and being a great Host! Thank you to all of the speakers for the wonderful information, tips and gems you all shared. I learned so much about Real Estate investments, taxes, credit and money management.

Betina Garner

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Financial Coaches with over 20 years of experience!


We're The Reignite Team!

Meet RaShida Roberts (left) and Yvonne Brown (right), both Financial Coaches ready to help and serve their community in the areas of budgeting, crushing debt, and changing mindsets.


Yvonne works with women to help them soar in their finances with her company Affirm & Pursue. She has a powerhouse testimonial about how she has crushed over $60,000 in debt and the road that led her there. "Your job is not loyal, and we must make sure that we affirm who we are in God and then pursue the very goals and aspirations that He has laid before us." 

RaShida serves both single men and women and educators! In being an educator herself, she knows how hard it is setting boundaries when it comes to finances! Spending over $5000 in her classroom her first year and living the single life can take a toll on your financial lifestyle. We don't need more money, we need better money management, a mindset adjustment, and boundaries to win with our finances! Her company, Target Financial has set out to do that one person, one group at time.

Both women are determined to help individuals and families get access to the right knowledge. The Reignite Your Finances Summit was a glimpse of what this dynamic duo can do! Follow their Facebook page and join the Reignite Your Finances group to connect with the Speakers and Sponsors in this Summit!



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